Tesla Recalls Nearly 50,000 Cars in China

The recall has plunged the company's shares by two percent.

Tesla recalls 8,442 Model S and Model X EVs sold in China. The recall is caused by problems with suspensions, which the American company will have to repair at its own expense on the instructions of the State Administration for Market Regulation of China. At the same time, Tesla does not recognize the presence of the defect.

Tesla Recalls Nearly 50,000 Cars in China photo 2

According to the Administration, 29,193 Model S and Model X cars imported from September 17, 2013 — August 16, 2017, as well as 19,249 Model S vehicles assembled from September 17, 2013 — October 15, 2018 will be sent to service centers in China. All the problem cars are assembled at the company's Fremont Factory in California. There are no Chinese-built cars among the recalled ones.

The reason for the recall is the problem with front and rear suspension linkages, which can form cracks in the event of an external impact. As a result, they can completely collapse. Tesla decided not to contest the recall and agreed to replace the defective links for free, although the company deemed the measure “unnecessary” and blamed the defects on careless Chinese drivers.

Tesla Managing Counsel Elizabeth H. Mykytiuk said that the company has not found any defects in the front suspension aft link and the rear suspension upper link. Tesla considers driver abuse to be the underlying cause of the problem. If the driver inputs an abuse load, then the parts can be broken. This leads to either immediate or delayed failure due to the aggravating effects of the initial abuse and folloowing load input.

She also noted that the failure is observed in 0.05 percent of Tesla cars sold worldwide and in 0.1 percent of vehicles sold in China. However, complaints are received not only from Chinese drivers: a Swiss driver said in early October that the suspension of his Model S had collapsed right on the move.

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