Tesla Roadster Reaches Mars

The car launched by Elon Musk into space has overcome another milestone.

American space expert Jonathan McDowell said that the Tesla Roadster, launched by Elon Musk into space, reached Mars on October 7 and flew 7 million km from the red planet.

Tesla Roadster Reaches Mars photo 2

According to McDowell's calculations, which he shared on Twitter on October 7, the Tesla Roadster was 7.41 million km from Mars. This was the smallest distance that the car could approach the planet.

Thus, the electric vehicle, recently classified as space debris, has overcome another milestone. Since its launching on the Falcon Heavy in February 2018, the car has moved about 89.6 million kilometers away from the Earth. As of September 2020, the speed of the roadster in space was about 14.5 kilometers per second.

In August 2019, the EV completed its first orbit around the Sun: it took 557 days. At that time, the car moved away from the Earth at a distance of 115 million kilometers.

Earlier, it was reported that Tesla Roadster will make the closest approach to the Earth, at a distance of 52,000,000 kilometers, this fall, namely on November 5.

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