Tesla Starts Using Full-Fledged Autopilot

For now, this is only a beta version, which is not available for most Tesla car owners.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the release of a software update called Full Self-Driving Beta. On Twitter, Musk clarifies that the update will be implemented “as slowly and carefully as possible” and only “experienced and accurate” Tesla drivers will get early access to it.

Tesla Starts Using Full-Fledged Autopilot photo 2

Back in July, Tesla CEO claimed that the company was very close to releasing Level 5 autopilots. Such a system assumes complete autonomy: the car can operate independently without requiring human intervention.

At the same time, Musk said that engineers were working on transferring the autopilot from 2.5D to 4D but did not specify what was meant. According to him, solving this problem will increase the productivity of the system and speed up the development of new features and “upgrades”, including for the Summon function, which literally allows you to remotely summon a car from a parking lot.

To date, Tesla’s autopilot represents a cruise control with advanced functionality that is able to control, accelerate and brake the car on highways. However, systems that rely on “machine vision” often make mistakes, causing cars to crash into obstacles or breaks speed limits.

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