Tesla to Release an Electric MPV: All Information Available

Tesla is the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world.

The range of vehicles produced by it is quite extensive. Despite this, Tesla CEO Elon Musk again spoke about the production of passenger electric vans.

Tesla to Release an Electric MPV: All Information Available photo 2

In 2016, Tesla said that it would produce electric public transport. Then, the “master plan” designed for the next 10 years was published. It included several models: an SUV, a pickup, a cargo truck, and a van. So, the compact SUV — the Tesla Model Y — is already produced. It will be followed by the Cybertruck and Semi in the near future. As for the fourth model, information about it has only just appeared.

The compact MPV is designed for the Boring Company’s underground high-speed system, which will connect the town of Rancho Cucamonga with the Ontario International Airport. The length of this tunnel is 4.5 kilometers. The electric MPV will accommodate up to 12 passengers and their luggage. Information about the technical part of the future electric van is not yet available, but the company should disclose it in September 2020.

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