Tesla Cars to Be Able to Find a Parking Spot

Tesla regularly expands the list of features available for its electric cars.

Last year, it made a real splash by adding Smart Summon, which allows the owner to call their electric car from a parking spot via smartphone. After receiving the signal, the car automatically drives up to the owner.

Tesla Cars to Be Able to Find a Parking Spot photo 2

Now the manufacturer is working on the function upgrade and intends to include the call-back option. With its implementation, owners will no longer need to look for a parking spot; their cars will do the job for them. This feature will be called Reverse Summon and will be included in the basic software update at the end of this year.

Elon Musk earlier announced that Tesla cars would learn to distinguish traffic lights and stop at a red light. The development of this feature is at the final stage. It will likely be available at the end of this year.

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