Tesla to Open New Design Center in Europe

All the manufacturer's factories are renamed, and the “factory” part is excluded from them.

Elon Musk has shared plans to open the first Tesla design center in Europe. He has also announced his intentions to rename existing factories in a new corporate style.

Tesla to Open New Design Center in Europe photo 2

The main studio in Hawthorne, California is currently responsible for design of Tesla’s all electric vehicles. Engineering divisions are located in the United States and China, and the company's factories are located in the United States, China, and Germany. The first three production complexes are located in California, Nevada and New York and are known as the Tesla Factory, Gigafactory 1 and Gigafactory 2, respectively. The factory in China was designated as Gigafactory 3, and the Berlin complex – as Gigafactory 4.

According to the new standard, all production facilities will have the name of the location where they are located. So, the new designations will be: Tesla Giga Nevada, Tesla Giga New York, Tesla Giga Shanghai, and so on.

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