Tesla to Pay $1,000,000 to Anyone Who Can Hack Their Cars

Tesla is so confident in the security of its software that the company again offers hackers to dig into the system of its vehicles and try to break them.

This is already becoming a tradition because new-generation cars require a new approach to their development.

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Cars are getting “smarter” every year. This is certainly good but the more they become like gadgets on wheels, the more vulnerable they become to hackers. There were already many examples of such interventions in software of electric vehicles: hackers found ways to remotely control a car, and there were even several attempts to hijack cars via Wi-Fi. It is Tesla’s models that get into such situations, because they are the most technologically advanced, digital cars on the market today.

With each software update, security programs are also improved. This process requires constant updating and stress checks. The largest of them is the open program Zero Day Initiative, as part of the annual Pwn2Own event. In fact, the manufacturer encourages cyber attacks on its own cars.

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During the event, everyone is invited to demonstrate the hacking of a Tesla EV using software methods. Those who succeed, Tesla will not condemn but, on the contrary, will give out awards. If a hacker or group manages to break through the high-level protection of the Tesla Model 3, the manufacturer will present the car and a reward of $500,000. To do this, you need to log in via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or modem, and then run the code in the VC SET, Gateway, or Autopilot systems. Less complex tasks for hackers include cash rewards in the amount of $400 and $100,000.

Last year, during Pwn2Own, two members of the Fluoroacetate team — Amat Cama and Richard Zhu -coped with a difficult task by using a JIT error in the browser, for which they received a Model 3 and some cash.

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