Tesla’s Five Competitors

Faraday Future, Audi and three other companies that are going to ruin Elon Musk's life.

Rumors that the next company is about to release a competitor to Tesla EVs are constantly circulating. And now, it seems that famous (and not so) automakers have moved from words to deeds. We have selected five electric vehicles that will soon try to take customers away from Elon Musk.

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Faraday Future

Faraday Future, sponsored by the Chinese giant LeEco, is very similar to Tesla. The company does not hesitate to make loud statements, for example, about creating the most capacious battery for electric vehicles. Former top managers of Toyota, BMW and Ferrari work in Faraday Future. There are two significant differences from Tesla: Faraday Future does not have Elon Musk and there is no production cars. And if there is no place to take a Mask-level character yet, then Faraday Future will release a car very soon.

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The company showed its first FFZERO01 prototype in early 2016, but it was as far from reality as Michael Faraday's Faraday Future. In early 2017, the US-Chinese company promises to roll out a car that will be much closer to production than the FFZERO01. Judging by the teasers, the company will show a SUV that will try to impose the struggle on the Tesla Model X. The Faraday Future model has already competed in drag racing with the Tesla SUV. However, how this race ended is still unknown.

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Lucid Air

Another American company Lucid Motors, which, like Faraday Future, exists on the money of Asian investors, has already shown the harbinger of its first model – the prototype Air. Judging by the declared specifications, Lucid Motors did a good job.

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The Lucid Air is equipped with two electric motors (one on each of the axles), the total output of which is 1,000 hp. The maximum range of the Air exceeds 640 km. The Tesla Model S’ competitor accelerates to 100 km/h in about two and a half seconds. Its production will begin in 2017, and the first 250 production copies will be sent to customers in 2018. A price tag will be approximately $100,000-$160,000.

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Perhaps, the most interesting thing is to watch what happens to the Chinese company NextEV, which performs in Formula E and has released an electric “megawatt hypercar”. The company promises to build an electric SUV with a 530-km drive range, which will cost much cheaper than Tesla’s one. This model should be released in late 2018 – early 2019.

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To some extent, NextEV is already a bit cooler than Tesla. The company released the Nio EP9, an electric supercar with a power output of 1,360 hp! And this is a really cool car. First, it meets the safety requirements that apply to one of the most complex racing cars in the world, namely the prototypes of the LMP1 category. Second, the EP9 is the fastest electric vehicle of the Nurburgring. It completed the Northern loop in 7 minutes and 5.12 seconds. Tesla has not yet dreamed of such a thing.

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Audi Q6 e-tron quattro

Startups are startups, but it's time for heavy artillery! Audi has officially confirmed that production of the first all-electric SUV will begin in 2018. The production of the model, which will cost about 80,000 euros and will compete for buyers with the Tesla Model X, will be established in Brussels. The battery production will also be launched there. And this is just the beginning. Because Audi is going to spend a third of its budget on research and development of its own EV line-up.

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The forerunner of the Audi electric SUV debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The prototype was named e-tron quattro. The all-terrain vehicle was equipped with three electric engines, a total output of which was 435 hp. When accelerated, a power output could increase to 503 hp. The claimed drive range of the prototype was 500 km.

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Jaguar I-Pace

Another big company that is going to break into the segment where the Tesla Model X is doing great is Jaguar. The I-Pace prototype debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and the production version will be released in 2017.

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Jaguar promises that the production I-Pace will not differ much from the concept. The electric SUV will be based on a new scalable platform built around a battery pack integrated in an aluminum frame. The concept car was equipped with two electric engines that produced 400 hp. A maximum drive range of the Jaguar I-Pace exceeded 500 km.

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