New Renault Duster Allegedly Spotted on Street

The current generation of the Renault Duster turns three years old.

Is the company preparing a successor to the famous model? In any case, this is hinted at by a new SUV spotted on the street.

New Renault Duster Allegedly Spotted on Street photo 2

The car's design is influenced by the Renault EZ-Ultimo, which demonstrated a bold design direction for the French brand's next models just over one year ago.

Most likely, the new SUV (its name is still unknown) has the status of a concept, although it looks much “more mundane” than the mentioned prototype. The fact that we are looking at a not yet mass-produced version is indicated by huge wheels with low-profile tires and a complex body relief. The latter will become too expensive to manufacture, so a production body will look somewhat simpler.

Nevertheless, the silhouette, proportions and glazing look quite well-designed and ready for production. The prototype will possibly lose side-view cameras instead, frameless glass doors and hidden handles on the way to the conveyor.

What do we see? Perhaps, the new Renault SUV hints at a low-cost third-generation Duster. Despite the only three-year age of the current generation, by the time the mysterious prototype loses its conceptual gloss, it will be time for the new Renault Duster to be released.

New Renault Duster Allegedly Spotted on Street photo 3

Another interesting thing is an electric powertrain. No pre-production prototype can do without it today. The SUV caught on camera is certainly equipped with a battery pack and one electric motor at least. All that can be said for sure about this car: the official debut will take place at the international motor show in Geneva in March. At the same time, the company will talk about what this concept symbolizes.

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