The BMW 7 Series Loses a V12 Engine

Rumor has it that the new generation of the BMW 7 Series will get an all-electric model under the index i7. BMW has finally confirmed this information at a press conference held in Munich.

According to BMW’s representatives, the 7 Series sedan will be offered with four different types of powertrains: diesel, gasoline, hybrid and all-electric. The electric version will use the company’s most advanced technologies. It will not resemble any of the previous versions with its new splendid design.

The BMW 7 Series Loses a V12 Engine photo 2

The all-electric BMW 7 Series will have a powerful powertrain and two types of batteries with a capacity of 80 or 120 kwhr. The second modification can provide a drive range of up to 600 km. As for the exterior, the manufacturer has so far kept silent about it, having said only that it would be more sporty and innovative.

The company’s representatives have also revealed other versions of the updated 7 Series. In particular, the model will be devoid of powerful V8 and V12 engines. Instead, the top-end versions will use hybrid powertrains that include a powerful 3.0-liter six-cylinder B58 engine and an electric motor. The total output will exceed 500 hp. Therefore, do not worry about the sedans’ low performance.

The debut of the updated BMW 7 Series is scheduled for 2022. By then, Mercedes will have released its flagship EQS EV, a new rival for the i7.

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