LEVC Reveals Details of Its Plug-In Delivery Van

The British company LEVC has revealed details of the plug-in delivery van.

The new plug-in delivery van from the famous London taxi manufacturer will be named VN5. The main specifications of the vehicle have been published. LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has announced the name for its new delivery van with a plug-in rechargeable hybrid powertrain. The model will be named VN5, which can be interpreted as a van with a cargo compartment of 5 cubic meters.

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It is known that the new commercial model is built on the same platform as the London taxi – the LEVC TX. The van has a load capacity of up to 800 kg and can carry up to two Euro-pallets. The latter is convenient to load both through a wide sliding door on the left side and through two asymmetric (60/40) barn doors.

The manufacturer claims that the VN5 can travel up to 102 km on a single electric charge (WLPT), which is quite enough for delivery in the center of London – the average daily mileage of vans here is 75 km. A total drive range of the new van with hybrid mode connection (with an internal combustion engine) reaches 485 km.

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The van is equipped with a 120-kW electric motor (GKN Driveline eAxle) that drives the rear wheels and is similar to the mass-produced LEVC TX hybrid taxi. The electric motor is powered by 31-kWh batteries also borrowed from the London cab. Fast charging technology from a 50 kW station is provided-in just 30 minutes. It is worth noting that the car will help you save money both on fuel and on maintenance, because its service interval is equal to 40,000 km.

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Serial production of the LEVC VN5 will be launched at the factory in Anstey (Coventry) in the fourth quarter of 2020. It is expected that the production volume of the van will make up 70% of the total production capacity of this factory – 20,000 cars per year. So, the VN5 will account for about 14,000 cars, and the TX — the remaining 6,000.

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