A Child Has Come Up with a Way to Remove Blind Spots in Cars

Alaina Gassler, who is only 14 years old, has come up with the idea to use a video projector that broadcasts an image of anything that might be blocked from a driver’s sight to the car elements, such as A-pillars.

The new system, which no automaker has come up with, was developed by 14-year-old American Alaina Gassler for the Broadcom MASTERS competition, where young specialists share their works on mathematics, applied science and engineering. Her project is called «Improving Automobile Safety by Removing Blind Spots», writes Mashable. Alaina took the first place in the competition and got a prize of $25.000.

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Using a 3D printer, the girl created a prototype system consisting of a webcam and a projector, broadcasting an image of the street to the A-pillars that so often interfere with the driver's sight. This solution impresses with its simplicity and elegance!

The camera is located at the base of the car's A-pillar and broadcasts real-time video to the inside of the pillar using a projector attached above the driver's seat. The most difficult thing, says the girl, was to design a lens that allows you to focus the image on an object that is so close. To make the image clearer and not interfere with any passenger, the A-pillar was covered with a special fabric that reflects light only in the direction of its source (towards the driver and the projector above him). As a result, the driver can see a very sharp image of what is behind the pillar but the passengers can see only the fabric.

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John Smith 9 January at 17:02
It seems to me that it would be better to use LCD panels for display than a projector, thanks to this the image will not shake and will be visible to everyone present in the car, and not just the driver. And in general, why what happens outside the car should be visible only to the driver?