World's Creepiest SUV for $100,000

Latvia-based Dartz Motorz has created several rather eccentric SUVs. One of these - the Dartz Kombat T-98 - was put up for sale for almost $100,000.

In addition to standard variants, the company also offers armored SUVs. However, it is not known whether a particular car is one of these. The used car for sale has a 10, 000-km mileage.

Dartz Kombat T-98 SUV Dartz Kombat T-98 SUV

In fact, Dartz’ models are highly modernized Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs in a new body. However, a new Chevrolet Tahoe with a guarantee is half the price (in the US).

World's Creepiest SUV for $100,000 photo 2

However, this Dartz Kombat T-98 is looking for an owner. It is interesting that each car is designed for an individual customer. The previous owner of this car, specifically, chose a white body and a black interior.

World's Creepiest SUV for $100,000 photo 3

The equipment corresponds to the American SUV that served as the basis for the Kombat T-98: there is cruise and climate control, a stabilization system and advanced driver-assistance systems like Collision Prevention Assist.

The Dartz Kombat T-98 is based on an old Chevrolet Tahoe The Dartz Kombat T-98 is based on an old Chevrolet Tahoe

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