New BMW 2-Series Coupe Is Revealed Through Leaked Photos

Not all car manufacturers manage to hide new models from persistent photographers. That is why BMW has failed to keep the design of the new BMW 2-Series Coupe, also known as the G42, a secret. The vehicle was not just snapped during tests but photographed completely without camouflage wrap.

The leaked photographs were posted by the user wilcoblok on his Instagram page. Despite the fact that the car is partially covered, it is possible to study the design of its front and rear ends. Some exterior details seem quite unusual for cars of the brand.

BMW 2 Series (G42) BMW 2 Series (G42)

The first thing you may notice when you look at the photo is the car’s small kidney grills and re-shaped air dams. This is the first time when such a solution was implemented in BMW models. Also, the G42 has received new headlights. If you look closely, you can see the M Performance nameplate on the diffuser. This means that we are looking at a high-performance variant of the model. The aggressive body kit also hints at this.

At the rear end, there are new taillights similar to those found on the E90 3-Series, a prominent spoiler on the trunk lid and a trapezoidal single exhaust pipe. The license plate indicates that this example is a full-fledged driving prototype. The new model will be likely released at the end of this year.

New BMW 2-Series Coupe Is Revealed Through Leaked Photos photo 2

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