The Diesel Engine Has a Future: This New Volkswagen Is the Best Evidence

Volkswagen is preparing to break modern trends with its new diesel unit.

The GTD nameplate is much less popular than the iconic GTI, especially outside of Europe. The diesel hot hatch has been around for almost as long as its petrol counterpart. Although the first GTI was released in 1975 and the diesel GTD followed only 7 years later, the car has always been in demand and attracts special attention of the brand’s fans.

Volkswagen Golf 8 GTD Volkswagen Golf 8 GTD

Well, although the term ‘dieselgate’ is almost directly associated with Volkswagen, the company does not stop working hard on its engines. All the problems related to emissions standards have hit the automaker's bills well. However, it will be completely different now. At the GIMS, the new Golf 8 will be presented in its top-end modifications, such as the GTI, the GTD and the all-wheel drive R. We have already talked a lot about them and we know almost all details about the three new models. But that's not the main subject today.

The Golf GTD, according to Volkswagen, will be the cleanest diesel car in its history. Just think, the NOX level of the new 2.0-liter TDI engine with the EA 288 EVO index will be as much as 80% lower than its predecessor. No matter what they say, the very existence of this modification suggests that no electric vehicles and environmental standards are able to ‘destroy’ a turbo diesel engine once and for all.

The Diesel Engine Has a Future: This New Volkswagen Is the Best Evidence photo 2

In addition to all of the above, the company decided to add fuel to the fire of intrigue. Yes, there is a new teaser featuring the same Golf 8 GTD. While it is not completely clear in what form the new hot hatch will appear before us, but judging by this image, it will be as good as ever.

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