Tesla CEO Elon Musk Comments on the Coronavirus Situation

Elon Musk has sent a new email to all Tesla employees today.

In it, he shares some thoughts about the coronavirus, as the Bay Area, where tens of thousands of employees work, is in quarantine and people are ordered to stay at home. The CEO begins the letter by making it clear that employees are not forced to go to work.

I'd like to be super clear that if you feel the slightest bit ill or even uncomfortable, please do not feel obligated to come to work. I will personally be at work, but that's just me. Totally ok if you want to stay home for any reason. A lot of rumors are flying around, but, to the best of our knowledge, no one at Tesla (over 56,000 people) has tested positive for COVID-19. I will inform you immediately if anything changes.

Elon Musk writes.

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After that, the CEO criticized the level of panic around the virus:

My frank opinion remains that the harm from the coronavirus panic far exceeds that of the virus itself.

he said.

If there is a massive redirection of medical resources out of proportion to the danger, it will result in less available care to those with critical medical needs, which does not serve the greater good.
What the COVID-19 coverage does show is that the danger of colds and flu in general can be high for the elderly, especially if there is prior lung damage. Much is made of public gatherings, but please be cautious of family gatherings, too. What is relatively harmless to a child can be dangerous to grandparents. My best guess, for what it is worth, based on the latest Center for Disease Control data, is that confirmed COVID-19 (this specific form of the common cold) cases will not exceed 0.1% of the US population. Moreover, I do not think, when we look back on 2020, that the causes of death or serious injury will have changed much from 2017.

Musk notes.

In the end, Musk confirms that it is okay for a person not to go to work if he considers it necessary, but the letter does not say anything about paid holidays and sick days.

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