It Is Forbidden to Turn On/Off the Headlights in Japan

This is the opinion of the Japanese authorities. They require car manufacturers to necessarily install headlights with the automatic activation function.

The new requirement has come into effect in Japan on April 1 – smart headlights must be included in the standard equipment of all new models. Moreover, drivers will not be able to disable or enable this feature at will. The headlights will turn on independently after the lighting level drops below 1000 lx. On a clear day, this is about 15 minutes before sunset. The headlights will also turn off automatically as soon as the light level exceeds 7000 lx.

It Is Forbidden to Turn On/Off the Headlights in Japan photo 2

The Japanese government has also obliged to equip cars that are already being sold with smart headlights. Manufacturers must do this until October 2021. Commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses, must also get smart lights until October 2023.

Japanese authorities believe that the universal introduction of smart headlights will significantly reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists at dusk. According to official statistics, the number of such accidents has been recently increasing.

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