The Kia Optima to Leave Europe

The fourth generation Kia Sorento with seven seats will be a flagship model in the European market.

The Kia Optima will leave the European market after the release of a new generation. Instead, the manufacturer plans to promote the fourth-generation Kia Sorento SUV on the domestic market. The company believes that it is not economically feasible to sell the new sedan in Europe. This was stated by Kia Motors Europe COO Emilio Herrera in his interview with Autovisie.

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Low sales are the main reason for the sedan’s disappearance from the European market, although the company initially considered to sell the fifth-generation model in Europe. According to the company's marketers, the local segment of D-class sedans is dominated by German premium brands. In addition, the current, fourth-generation Kia Optima is popular only in Poland and Sweden. However, Swedes prefer station wagons instead, which is no included in the line-up of the fifth generation model. The fourth-gen station wagon variant was developed specifically for Europe.

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It (the Kia Optima) will not be sold there. The answer is quite simple! This is all about demand in the market, and we must conclude that there is no demand. With the Optima, we work in a highly competitive segment dominated by German premium brands. We looked at the countries where the Optima was sold very well, and there are only two of them: Poland and the station-wagon country of Sweden. Thus, we did not get a business case for the new generation.

said the top manager of the company.

According to Herrera, Kia has something to offer for Europeans. The company has a large line-up of SUVs. For those who prefer sedans, the Top Manager suggests paying attention to the Stinger.

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