Volkswagen's Newest EV to Be Released in the Summer of 2020

The VW ID.3 will be released without delays. Volkswagen has promised to fix everything.

Previously, there was information that the manufacturer does not fit into the announced release dates. Allegedly, the release of the Model 3’s rival was postponed due to numerous software failures. But Volkswagen is not going to trail far behind and says that the ID.3 will arrive exactly on schedule. The new EV will be out this summer.

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The ID.3’s testers reported frequent failures and system errors to the management every day. Their number sometimes reached up to 300. The reason for this was «a raw software program». Now Volkswagen says that all cars assembled in Zwickau will receive a software update. After that, they will be sent to customers who made a pre-order. Only 30,000 First Edition EVs will be released at the first stage.

It is worth noting that the Volkswagen ID.3 is the first production electric car built on the MEB platform. The new car is equipped with special flat batteries installed underbody. This solution allowed the company to increase the interior space of the hatchback.

The electric car is available in three versions with three battery options to choose from: a 45-kWh, 58-kWh or 77-kWh battery pack, which will allow driving up to 330 km, 420 km and 550 km, respectively. A power output of the electric motor is 150 hp and 204 hp.

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