Most Unusual Mercedes Sprinter

The unusual Mercedes Sprinter was presented in Germany.

The new model is radically different from the original bus. In fact, the SUV is based on the minibus.

Hünerkopf Sprinter 4x4 Hünerkopf Sprinter 4x4

This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is specially designed for a rich falconer. Despite the fact that the car already has an owner, it was brought to be shown to the public at the Caravan Expo, Motor, and Tourism 2020, which is now taking place in Stuttgart, Germany.

Most Unusual Mercedes Sprinter photo 2

The off-road Sprinter is designed by Hünerkopf, which specializes in the construction of caravans. The most remarkable feature of the vehicle is that its passenger compartment is deprived of the roof (part, however, covered with a glass dome), but there are four comfortable luxury seats and a pair of TV sets inside.

Most Unusual Mercedes Sprinter photo 3

In addition, the Hünerkopf Sprinter 4x4 is fitted with running boards, a kangaroo, a winch, a snorkel, massive wheel arches, and 37-inch off-road wheels shod in BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires.

Most Unusual Mercedes Sprinter photo 4

In terms of technology, the main innovation is upgraded all-wheel drive, which allows this Mercedes to travel over rough terrain even better. There is also a 128-hp diesel unit under the hood.

The Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 costs €267,000.

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