The New Suzuki SUV to Disrupt the Segment of Low-Cost Cars

The Suzuki XL7 is revived and offers customers a bright design and a functional interior in a compact body at an attractive price.

If you think there are too many offers in the world of low-cost SUVs today, then the new Suzuki is in a hurry to disappoint you. Or to make your day? Whatever it is, Renault has been the only major player in this segment before. However, a rapidly growing society requires more affordable vehicles: a paradox?

Suzuki XL7 Suzuki XL7

Actually, it is not. It is important to note that customers recently try not to spend money in vain. Every potential car owner is more and more attentive to the choice of a new car. Therefore, all segments try to come up with innovations, work on design and technology and offer an attractive price.

The new Suzuki XL7 seems to be equipped with all the achievements of the modern auto world (within the budget segment, of course). Therefore, the new model looks brisk and accommodates seven people. And this is when its length is about 4.5 m. By the way, pay attention to the size of the rear doors. It seems that the engineers have worked hard to provide convenient access to the cabin. Thanks to a rather spectacular design, the low-cost Suzuki SUV does not look like its donor (the Suzuki Ertiga) at a glance.

The New Suzuki SUV to Disrupt the Segment of Low-Cost Cars photo 2

It differs not only due to a completely different «face» with new headlights, grille and bumper, but also due to the extensive use of decorative elements made of black plastic. This allows visually bringing the new Suzuki XL7 closer to other SUVs, while the Suzuki Ertiga is a true MPV.

The clearance is increased to 200 mm (+20 mm). Even though there is no alternative to front-wheel drive, the new Suzuki SUV does not seem useless on light off-road at all. It is powered by a 1.5-liter 105-hp turbo engine that comes with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

The New Suzuki SUV to Disrupt the Segment of Low-Cost Cars photo 3

The Suzuki XL7 will soon be released in Indonesia. The worldwide version will be released later. By the way, the XL7 model was last met in the brand’s line-up in 2009, when the production of a large SUV with the same name was completed. But that car was positioned much higher and was aimed at other clients. The new model will cost $17, 000-$19, 500, depending on the equipment.

The New Suzuki SUV to Disrupt the Segment of Low-Cost Cars photo 4

This is more than an acceptable price for a modern, practical and spacious SUV. Given that such cars are very popular in Indonesia (in Asia, in general), the company probably hopes for high sales.

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