The New Ford Mustang to Be All-Wheel Drive: First Details

The new-gen Ford Mustang will get a hybrid version in 2022.

Ford announced the Mustang’s electrification plans in 2017. It was assumed that the hybrid will be released in 2020, but the electrification was likely postponed until the next generation.

The New Ford Mustang to Be All-Wheel Drive: First Details photo 2

According to Ford’s patent application registered in the US in 2017, the hybrid model will be all-wheel drive. It is planned to implement an AWD drivetrain due to a V8, that will send power to the rear wheels, and two electric motors “mounted directly to opposing sides of the engine”. This will allow the driver to control the thrust vector, to disable the ICE and to drive on electric traction, if necessary.

Besides, this enables to transfer the Mustang to the RWD CD6 platform used by the Lincoln Aviator and the new Ford Explorer. At the same time, it is not clear whether versions with a V8 but without an electric motor and a more affordable four-cylinder pony car will remain in the Z-series. There are also plans to release an electrified variant of the Mach-E with the Shelby prefix.

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