Peugeot’s Line-Up Is Supplemented by the New Landtrek

Peugeot strengthens its international position with the introduction of the Peugeot Landtrek, a new mid-range pickup truck.

At the moment, this segment is constantly developing and its annual sales volume is more than 2.4 million cars.

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The new pickup meets all the main criteria of the segment: ability to tow trailers up to 3.5 t, various cab and body formats, excellent off-road capabilities, unsurpassed reliability, and ease of repair.

Thanks to its remarkable style, advanced modular design, and impressive size, the new pickup also fully meets the needs of demanding customers:

  • a variety of petrol and diesel engines;
  • there is a chassis option with a cab (one or two seat rows);
  • you can choose a «workhorse» or a multi-purpose car «for all occasions».

As a result, the new Peugeot Landtrek can offer a lot of space, different interior options, passenger car comfort, as well as an impressive «masculine» design – all this makes the new model a benchmark in its segment.

Strong, reliable, hardy

The design of the new pickup truck is made in Peugeot’s traditional style, as well as in close cooperation with numerous international partners (Europe, Japan, and the United States). As a result, they managed to create design that meets the best international standards and emphasizes the new model among competitors.

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In addition to the brand's attractive styling, the new pickup's design is filled with a sense of strength and durability. Thanks to this, the Peugeot Landtrek simultaneously looks like a functional and hardy «workhorse», but also perfectly fits the role of a «fashion car» for outdoor enthusiasts. And these are not empty words: in order to ensure maximum reliability of the car, its prototypes have passed 2 million km on different terrain and in any weather during tests.

The dimensions of the new vehicle fully correspond to the segment standards: length – 5.33 m (for the version with a double cab) or 5.39 m (for the version with a single cab); width — 1.92 m.

As customers expect such a pickup truck to have good cargo capabilities, the Peugeot Landtrek is designed to offer the most comfortable and roomy cargo compartment in its segment.

The body size has become one of the central architecture elements in the design, which has affected the results – the car allows you to load:

  • 2 EUR-pallets in versions with double cab (open body size — 1.63 x 1.60 m, width between wheel arches — 1.22 m, side height — 500 mm);
  • 3 EUR-pallets in versions with a single cab (open body size — 2.43 x 1.60 m, width between wheel arches — 1.22 m, side height — 500 mm).

In any case, the payload exceeds 1 t and can even reach 1.2 t (depending on the version). In addition, the cargo platform has LED lighting and allows you to connect accessories through an additional 12-volt outlet. Also pay attention to the possibility of towing 3-ton trailers, which meets the needs of all customers.

A special version of the model with a single cabin is available for those who need to transport very long loads. This version does not have a massive rear bumper, so the rear side can open at an angle of up to 180°.

The full range of special accessories that are required for the new Peugeot Landtrek will be available in official dealerships. Regardless of whether it is a question of decorating, functional, technical or electronic accessories, be sure – all of them have passed the strictest strength tests and meet the company’s high standards. Various accessories allow you to adapt the Peugeot Landtrek to any situation, even the most difficult and unexpected. The list of accessories for the new car includes: side steps, a body cover, a canopy with windows, a chrome plated front protection, protective body coatings, etc. In total, more than 40 special accessories will be available.

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Modern and attractive style

The exterior design is impressively bold. The exterior of the car is filled with characteristic details of the brand: a large radiator grille with the lion in the center, vertical LED headlights that form a familiar «lighting signature» (depending on the version).

The design of aluminum wheels is inherited from the company’s other models. They make the new pickup as recognizable as possible. At the same time, large wheels provide for reliability when using the car intensively: when driving off-road in the AWD mode, working in difficult conditions on rough terrain, or driving fast on motorways.

The signature interior is adapted to the mid-size pickup segment. In particular, a two-spoke steering wheel is reminiscent of the Peugeot 3008, and a large 10-inch horizontal HD display is reminiscent of the flagship Peugeot 508.

The style and design of the seats embody the features of the brand’s latest models. In general, the interior is made at the highest level, providing perfect comfort for the driver and passengers.

Be sure: the endurance and load capacity are not the only advantages of the Peugeot Landtrek. For example, a lot of attention was paid to the interior design, as well as to adding new features that are available in other Peugeot models. All this is done so that you can travel peacefully and quietly with maximum comfort and convenience – in any conditions, on any roads, with any loading.

The best example of this approach is modular back seat, which is a unique solution in the segment of mid-size pickups. So, its back can be folded in the proportion of 40/60% (or completely 100%). Moreover, when folded, the backs can withstand a load of up to 100 kg. In addition, the car has two ISOFIX mounts that ensure the safety of installing child seats and transporting children.

Another feature of the car is the choice of different front seats. Thus, two single seats with a central armrest or a 3-seat Multiflex seat can be installed in the front. The latter option is based on the brand's experience in the field of commercial vehicles: this double passenger seat makes it possible to fold the central part of the back to make room for the armrest or desktop. In addition, if you fold the passenger seat backs, you can carry bulky items weighing up to 75 kg in the cabin.

Thanks to the combination of a huge body and a well-thought-out interior, you will definitely not leave anything on the side of the road. After all, there are numerous storages, shelves, niches with a total volume of 27 liters for various personal things.

As a result, the spacious and roomy passenger compartment is designed for 5 or even 6 people (depending on the version). The large internal width (1,510 mm in the second row) and excellent space for the knees are especially pleasing. By the way, landing is facilitated by seven handles located in different parts of the car interior.

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Communication and advanced technology

The Peugeot Landtrek can offer up-to-date equipment and systems — everything for your comfort. The new model has a place for the most advanced technologies of the brand: a 10-inch HD touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Aut, 10 GB of built-in memory storage, excellent opportunities for connecting and communicating on the road (USB, Bluetooth), dual-zone automatic climate control.

The safety of passengers is provided by six airbags, as well as ESP with advanced functionality:

  • ASR for 4×2 versions;
  • Hill Descent Control, which maintains a low speed when descending and allows you to focus solely on the steering wheel, without being distracted by braking;
  • Trailer Swing Control, which controls unwanted swaying of the trailer when driving on the highway (ESP is activated immediately, stabilizing the car and trailer);
  • Lane Departure Warning, which provides audio and visual warning signals in case of unintentional departure of the car from its lane.

New headlights and taillights are designed using the most modern technologies, as that of other models of the brand: the pickup features LED solutions both at the front and at the back.

Finally, the car can offer 1-4 cameras, which makes it noticeably easier to maneuver both in a small town and on a country road. A special off-road camera (installed in the passenger rear-view mirror) and a 360° all-round view help the driver when driving on narrow paths or while overcoming obstacles. They can also be configured to automatically turn on when obstacles are detected in the vehicle's path.

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Suitable for any use and any roads

Regardless of where the car will be used – in the city, on motorways, off-road – the new Peugeot Landtrek offers several engines that are ideal for all conditions:

  • Diesel engine with a working volume of 1.9 liters and a power of 150 hp, which is equipped with a turbocharger with variable geometry. Its torque reaches 350 Nm, and a 6-speed manual transmission guarantees the delivery of traction to the drive wheels. The turbo diesel unit has a timing chain drive (to reduce maintenance costs). It is characterized by low noise and internal friction. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle for this engine is only 7.8 liters per 100 km.
  • The alternative unit is a petrol engine with a working volume of 2.4 liters, which is also equipped with a turbocharger. This engine shows an impressive return – a maximum power of 210 hp and a torque of 320 Nm. There is no doubt that the Peugeot Landtrek with this engine will demonstrate excellent dynamics and feel comfortable even on high-speed highways.

Both engines can be paired with a manual transmission by Getrag or a 6-speed automatic transmission by Punch. The latter additionally offers: a sequential manual gear selection, Sport and Eco driving modes.

Thanks to the high waistline and large ground clearance (up to 235 mm, depending on the car version), the new Peugeot Landtrek has not only excellent cargo capabilities but also excellent cross-country capability. Moreover, you can choose a car with a 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrain.

The 4×2 version involves a rear-wheel drive system, where torque and engine power are transmitted to the rear wheels via a longitudinal gimbal and a rear differential. Since the main load is on the rear driving wheels, the more loaded the car, the greater the level of adhesion to the road surface.

The 4×4 version also provides for rotation of the front wheels – thus, all four wheels are driving. In addition, the car has a rotating switch that allows you to select one of the two operation modes:

  • 4H (4 High) — for standard use on good roads and with light off-road conditions;
  • 4L (4 Low) — for use in severe operating conditions. Due to the presence of a reduction row with a ratio of 2.7:1, the all-wheel drive system in this mode allows you to significantly increase the torque on the wheels, which is especially important when driving in heavy off-road conditions.

Finally, the car is equipped with a rear differential with the eLocker system that triggers automatically when one of the rear wheels slips. The additional differential lock allows for increased off-road traffic.

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Thus, the AWD Peugeot Landtrek offers maximum versatility of use, which allows you to feel comfortable in any road conditions, at any time, in any weather. The car has good passability indicators:

  • fording depth — 600 mm;
  • angle of approach — 29° or 30° (depending on the cab type and vehicle version);
  • angle of departure — 27° or 26° (depending on the cab type and vehicle version);
  • ramp angle — 25°;
  • ground clearance — min 214 mm (wheels 16") or max 235 mm (wheels 17" and 18").

Mud and Snow(M+S) tires are suitable for any rough terrain. The car is equipped with a full-fledged spare wheel and has many features that guarantee good protection when driving off-road: metal protection of the engine crankcase, protection of the headlights (due to the high location), front and rear mudguards in the standard equipment, etc.

In case of serious obstacles, the 360° all-round view system can also be used as an off-road camera.

The new Peugeot Landtrek will be produced by the end of this year, expanding Peugeot’s line-up and providing an opportunity to enter the mid-size pickup segment.

Thanks to the flexibility of production, the new Peugeot Landtrek guarantees fast and efficient adaptation to the specific needs of future customers.

The car will first be released in Latin America and Africa. Other markets will be considered later.

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