The Police Has Confiscated the Batmobile

A resident of Moscow is forced to sell his "Batmobile" because of problems with registering the vehicle on the territory of the Russian Federation.

On February 22, 2020, a 32-year-old Moscow resident drove a replica of the Batmobile through the streets of the night city. But the comic book fan's trip was interrupted by Russian police officers who took the car to the penalty area. It is interesting that their attention was attracted not by the shape of the car but by the absence of state road signs on it. According to the owner, he simply could not legalize his «Batmobile» because of its size.

The Police Has Confiscated the Batmobile photo 2
But even if I had managed to register it, it would still have been impossible to drive around the city. There would soon be problems with parking and passing the corners

said the owner of the car.

According to the owner, a buyer for the «Batmobile» has already been found. The car will return to the United States, where it was built in 2018 in order to participate in exhibitions and festivals. Initially, it was just a running model with a single gear. This ‘Batmobile’ had been brought to Russia by FastBoomPro, whose specialists finalized it. But the car did not pass certification and did not have access to public roads. Plus, its dimensions exceed the established standards. The car is six meters long and four meters wide.

The Police Has Confiscated the Batmobile photo 3

The vehicle is equipped with a 5-liter 502-hp V8 engine that drives rear wheels, an air suspension that changes ground clearance, a quick-release steering wheel, armored windows, a night vision camera, a laser sight, a thermal imager with a 255-fold zoom and fake machine guns that simulate shooting. Wing doors are equipped with an electric drive. The car weighs one and a half tons and can speed up to 100 km/h as much as possible. Its mileage is only 120 km.

The Police Has Confiscated the Batmobile photo 4

How much an American comic book fan is willing to pay for the «Batmobile» is not exactly known. In the fall of 2019, it sold for $844,000.

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