The Renault Zoe EV Can Be Picked Up for Free

Because of the favorable subsidies, the new Renault Zoe EV can be picked up free of charge directly from the dealership.

The European Union has taken measures to support the EV market, which in turn has led to increased demand. In Germany, each buyer of an electric car can get a discount of €9,000. Autohaus Koenig, a local dealership, offers the Renault Zoe on lease. In this case, a Zoe can be picked up for free, because there is no initial payment.

The Renault Zoe EV Can Be Picked Up for Free photo 2

In other words, any buyer simply gets a new car, and then he/she pays a monthly payment of €69. After three years, this owner can completely buy a Zoe, making a payment of €12,999. It is worth noting that a recommended price of such an EV is €27,675.

The company, which unites more than 50 dealerships, has sold 300 Renault Zoes for leasing in three weeks. This figure could have been higher if the dealer had not faced a shortage of staff.

The option to buy a Zoe is quite attractive, but not the most affordable. You can lease an electric Smart for €9, 90 per month, but in this case you will have to make an initial installment.

Renault Zoe Renault Zoe

Presumably this increased demand is a temporary phenomenon, since the subsidies will not last long. To save it, electric vehicles must become more affordable.

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