The Smallest Travel Trailer

Hitch Hotel has introduced the Traveler trailer, the length of which does not exceed 99 centimeters.

Hitch Hotel’s new product has rightfully received the title of the most compact trailer, since its length does not exceed a meter in folded form. The Traveler is arranged on the principle of an accordion and can increase in size for comfortable accommodation of three adults. Thanks to its size, the new trailer is easy to move and store, especially when space is limited. So, it can be easily placed in the garage or even in the house.

The Smallest Travel Trailer photo 2

Its dimensions are undoubtedly a plus, but also a minus, e.g. poor equipment. Inside, in addition to the folding bed, there is a USB port, a 12-volt charger and a hatch. Besides, the trailer has received 12-inch wheels and taillights. There is also an area for a license plate. A price tag is about $5,699. The Classic variant will save you another $1,000. When choosing it, buyers should take into account that the Traveler does not have wheels. Besides, there is a different fixation. However, there will be air conditioning inside.

The Smallest Travel Trailer photo 3

It is worth noting that the manufacturer also offers to use the Traveler as an additional trunk for transporting personal belongings. If necessary, the trailer can be quickly «removed» and left in a garage or parking lot. Thanks to the additional supports, it will definitely not go anywhere.

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