The Smallest Motorhome in the World

The motorhome on the basis of the Kei car has four beds. It is a production model from Japan.

It is called AZ-MAX k-ai and produced on the basis of the Daihatsu Hijet, which is only 3.4 meters long. It is the smallest production motorhome.

AZ-MAX k-aiAZ-MAX k-aiAZ-MAX k-ai

Despite its small size, the motorhome can accommodate four people. The living room has a sofa that converts into a double bed. There is a sliding table, a washbasin, a water tank and a pull-out mattress for two more people.

The car is equipped with a local battery for heating the interior and water when the engine is turned off. The motorhome roof goes up, allowing the average Japanese to stand up to their full height.

The Daihatsu Hijet, and later the AZ-MAX k-ai, is equipped with a 660 CC engine with a power output of 46 hp. The can can be front or all-wheel drive. The cost of a motorhome is about $25.000. This is about twice the base cost of a Hijet.

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