Toyota Unveils Design of Hydrogen Mirai

Toyota has declassified the design of the second-generation Mirai.

A prototype of the new model was shown last year, and now we are talking about a production model.

2021 Toyota Mirai 2021 Toyota Mirai

A production version of the 2021 Toyota Mirai has retained the design of the concept: the differences are extremely minimal and they relate only to the rear end of the car.

Toyota Unveils Design of Hydrogen Mirai photo 2

The car still has a giant radiator grille fro good reason: since we are talking about hydrogen fuel cells, it is extremely important that a powertrain receives a sufficient amount of oxygen (oxygen must react with hydrogen gas through the membrane and, thus, generate an electric current; the latter, in turn, charges a battery or directly drives an electric motor located on the rear axle).

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In addition to the exterior, Toyota has also showed the interior of the new model. However, everything is the same as in the show car: a massive panel with a digital dashboard and a 12.3-inch infotainment system. With a total length of 4.97 m, the car has a good interior to accommodate 5 people.

Toyota Unveils Design of Hydrogen Mirai photo 4

The manufacturer still keeps silent about the specifications of the 2021 Toyota Mirai, only emphasizing that the car's drive range will grow by 30% in comparison with the first-generation model (650 km against 500 km). The engineers have managed to increase the autonomy through improving a fuel cell system, as well as adding two small fuel tanks to a large unit.

Toyota Unveils Design of Hydrogen Mirai photo 5

The company hopes that the new Mirai will become “a car that people will want to own”, and it will make Toyota one of the leaders in the hydrogen energy segment.

Toyota Unveils Design of Hydrogen Mirai photo 6

The Toyota Mirai 2021 will first be released in Japan and only then in Europe and the US. The first cars will be delivered at the end of 2021.

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