Toyota Introduces a New Brand Logo

The European division of Toyota has introduced a new brand logo.

Like other major automakers, such as Volkswagen and BMW, the Japanese manufacturer has also simplified the logo's graphics. Now, the logo visually seems less bulky and more airy, as the company has abandoned the 3D effect in favor of a minimalistic design.

Toyota Introduces a New Brand Logo photo 2

Besides, the new logo will now be used independently without a postscript indicating the brand. After all, the company's logo is widely recognized, so it does not require additional information load. The logo design combines simplicity and modernity, so it will be relevant both for existing cars of the brand and for future innovative vehicles – electric cars and self-driving cars.

According to the press service of Toyota, the new logo is intended not only for cars of the brand, but it will be used in all areas of business. The transition to the new logo will be gradual. It will be completed by 2025.

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