Toyota Officially Introduces the GR Yaris AWD with a 257-hp Engine

While European brands refuse to produce three-door hatchbacks and inexpensive sports cars, Toyota does the opposite.

Subcompact cars were especially popular in Europe at the end of the last century. However, with the popularization of SUVs and EVs, this segment of the market has been forgotten for a long time, leaving loyal fans without a new model of the Volkswagen Polo GTi and its analogues. Toyota decided to correct the situation.

Toyota GR Yaris Toyota GR Yaris

The launch of the Toyota GR Yaris is a very bold step. Not every driver is able to cope with such a car, which means that, even with enough money and desire, most potential customers will choose something easier to handle, more comfortable, larger… So, the only thing that comes to mind is compact SUVs, like the same Toyota CH-R.

Designed by the same specialists who worked on the new-gen GR Supra, the ferocious baby — the GR Yaris — is produced for those who prefer speed to comfort. The main thing to know about the hot hatch is that it has the world's most powerful three-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive transmission. Not all modern SUVs can boast of the latter, especially those in the compact class.

The new generation of the Yaris 2020 debuted a few months ago. The manufacturer immediately hinted that it plans to release a real combat vehicle based on the new car, perhaps it will be the GRMN (the appearance of the so-called Yaris model is still possible). However, Toyota first introduced the GR Yaris.

The GR Yaris is equipped with a 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol engine, three cylinders of which produce a torque of 360 Nm and a power output of 257 hp. The whole engine power is transmitted to the car’s both axles via a six-speed manual transmission with a pair of Torsen LSDs. The 1280-kg hatchback accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 230 km/h.

Any owner of this car will be able to choose a driving mode: Normal, Sport or Track, depending on which torque is distributed between the axles. The car’s rear track is extended and all chassis components are reinforced.

The GR hatchbacks differ from the passenger ones not only in technical terms. The roof line was reduced by 91 mm to get a coupe-like silhouette. The GR Yaris also features frameless doors and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Toyota will start selling the GR Yaris from the domestic market, where it is priced at about $36.100. By the way, the Japanese model will have a slightly higher engine power of 268 hp, instead of the European model’s 257 hp.

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