The Bugatti Hyper Truck

The incredible Bugatti Hyper Truck from designer Prathyush Devadas.

Automakers do not stand still and just keep up to date, but look to the future due to the creativity of designers who roll out incredible ideas, thereby helping brands to reach a new level.

Bugatti Hyper Truck Bugatti Hyper Truck

Have you ever imagined that Bugatti would release a hyper truck? The company has recently made significant progress and has released quite a lot of models based on the Chiron. It also plans to add a new SUV to its model range. However, Bugatti is unlikely to follow in Tesla's footsteps. However, this fact did not stop Prathyush Devadas from designing the Bugatti Hyper Truck.

The multi-ton mainline truck has received a simply stunning design. Special attention is drawn to the cabin in the shape of the letter «C», which seems to float in the air. It is completely made of glass and can only accommodate one driver. The truck probably features various autopilot systems, but when you look closely, you can notice a conventional steering wheel inside.

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The Hyper Truck has turned out to be quite slender, which indicates a small cargo space. At the same time, it was equipped with one axle in front and three in the back. It means that the truck is designed to carry a large number of goods. Probably this discrepancy in proportions is due to some design move to show the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle. After all, Bugatti cannot have a low-performance model. In any case, the Hyper Truck should outshine other rivals, as, for example, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ does.

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