Unique Design and High Price: Tesla Releases "Electric" Tequila

The production volume of the Tesla Tequila is not disclosed.

The company only clarifies that the first batch has already been sold out.

Unique Design and High Price: Tesla Releases "Electric" Tequila photo 2

In parallel with the main product, most automakers produce related goods, for example cosmetics, clothing, bags, shoes, and alcohol. Like this £50,000 bottle from Aston Martin. Tesla does not stand aside and also joins this trend. The company previously released underwear that was sold out in just a few hours. Now, the brand has introduced a new non-core product, namely premium tequila anejo.

Tesla announced its plans to release tequila in 2018. However, then the manufacturer presented the information in the form of an April fool's joke. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote that the company was bankrupt and published the corresponding photo. In the photo, he was (or wanted to appear) drunk, surrounded by bottles labeled ‘Teslaquila’. The joke went viral but was forgotten soon. At the same time, Musk registered a trademark of the same name and, apparently, started creating the drink.

Almost two years later, the Tesla Tequila has been finally released. The production was handled not by the automaker itself but by Nosotros Tequila. Tequila is poured into incredible hand-made bottles. They resemble lightning, which draws an obvious parallel with Tesla's electric vehicles. The drink has a unique taste and aroma, as it has been aged in French oak barrels for two years. This exclusivity of course affected the cost: a bottle costs $250, although this is not so much in the world of ultra-expensive alcohol.

Unique Design and High Price: Tesla Releases "Electric" Tequila photo 3

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