A Unique Bertone Mantide Is Looking for a New Owner

Gruppo Bertone announced plans to release a limited series of 10 cars in 2019 but the project was closed after the release of the first copy. Now the collectible is put up for public auction.

Autosport Designs Inc, an exotic car dealership from the US, has put up for sale the world's only copy of the Bertone Mantide 2009.

A Unique Bertone Mantide Is Looking for a New Owner photo 2

The sports car was built on the base of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 C6. The design of the car was created by Stile Bertone’s Jason Castriota. The Italians planned to assemble 10 Mantides but the project was closed before the show car (fully functional though) got “a partner”.

Since then, Bertone Mantide has moved from one private collection to another and occasionally appears in various beauty contests. Equipped with a 638-hp V8 supercharged engine and butterfly doors, the car is still in excellent condition. According to the odometer, its mileage is 16.000 km. The seller is ready to tell the Mantide’s price only to interested individuals.

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