US senator recommends Tesla rename Autopilot system

Because the name does not correspond to the real capabilities of the system and thereby misleads users.

Massachusetts U.S. Senator Edward John Markey unveils an open appeal to Tesla's leadership with Autopilot recommendations and a few more electric car features.

US senator recommends Tesla rename Autopilot system photo 2

Edward Markey, a member of the Senatorial Committee on Trade, Science and Transport, writes that he carefully studied the operation of the Autopilot complex and came to the conclusion that its name distorts the true capabilities of the system. Drivers rely too much on smart electronics, so they neglect the requirements outlined in the instructions. The senator proposes to rename the Autopilot into something more realistic,

not capable of completely replacing a person in driving.

Edward Marky also raised the issue of introducing new control functions for driver actions. Now in Tesla cars, the electronics monitor the pressure, steering force and frequency of receipt of this data, but it is easy to fool. The politician suggests using auxiliary systems that could track, for example, a look or movement. Moreover, if one of them produced an error, then the second would turn on. Thus, the driver would always be supervised.

Note that Tesla Autopilot refers to semi-autonomous control systems with level 3 automation, which provides for constant driver control over the road and periodic hand holding on the steering wheel. In essence, this is only a highly efficient cruise control.

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