Volkswagen Explains Hovering Engine Speed

This is done to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide emissions.

Manual Volkswagen Golf owners have noticed that the engine speed is not in a hurry to fall after removing the foot from the gas pedal.

Volkswagen Explains Hovering Engine Speed photo 2

As you know, the eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf is one of the few new cars available with a 6-speed manual transmission. Those who prefer manual vehicles have noticed that when removing the foot from the gas pedal, the engine speed does not fall but continues to remain at that level for some time and then slowly decreases. According to Autoweek, this was done on purpose, for the sake of reducing harmful emissions.

Douglas Skorupski, Manager of Powertrain Strategy at Volkswagen of America, explains that the company’s engineers tried to prevent a large amount of air from entering the combustion chamber and thereby causing the formation of a depleted mixture in the cylinders by maintaining the speed. “By delaying fuel supply, we maintain the optimal mixture composition and prevent the formation of nitrogen oxides,” Skorupski says.

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