Volkswagen Is Preparing a $22,000 EV with a 300-Km Drive Range

In addition to the attractive price tag, the new vehicle is promised to have "off-road" and "cargo" modifications.

Volkswagen seriously took up its own electric line-up. The manufacturer has repeatedly demonstrated developments in this area, although VW currently has only one production electric car. The company's engineers decided to fill an empty niche and release the most affordable EV.

Volkswagen Is Preparing a $22,000 EV with a 300-Km Drive Range photo 2

According to Car Magazine, Volkswagen has already started developing a new model that will become the most affordable EV in the line-up. Most likely, the new electric car will be called ID.1 (based on the same principle as the names of other electric representatives were chosen). Preliminarily, the dimensions of the electric car will be comparable to VW up!.. The main focus is on city driving. Rumor hast it that the new VW EV will have two more variants – the off-road ID. 1 Crozz and the commercial e-Roomzz.

The new electric car will be based on the same platform as other representatives of the electric series, such as the ID.3 and ID.4. A battery capacity will amount to 24 or 36 kWh. This larger battery can provide a drive range of 298 km, which is quite enough for the city. The estimated cost of the new product is $22,000.

It is worth noting that, the Volkswagen Group plans to release 75 fully electric and 60 electrified models within next ten years.

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