Volkswagen to Abandon the Golf, Polo and Passat in Favor of EVs

This fate will affect those markets where it is planned to sell only electric cars and ban ICE cars.

The new era of electric cars has revealed the weaknesses of some automakers. This is not an easy step for many companies. A number of them have long been using platforms designed for EVs, building and expanding charging station networks. Owners of eco-friendly cars recieve benefits in some countries. However, despite all these advantages, there is one significant disadvantage – too high prices for electric cars. Volkswagen, on the contrary, decided to create a line-up of affordable EVs. This is the role assigned to the ID series.

Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf

The manufacturer believes that such cars will be in demand in the markets of those countries whose governments will soon ban the sale of ICE cars. To be more precise, we are speaking about the European countries that continue to comply with stricter emission controls.

Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand Jürgen Stackmann believes that the iconic Golf, Polo, and Passat will be the first to leave such markets. It is worth noting that the Golf plays a key role in the brand’s history. However, this model will no longer have an electric variant.

Volkswagen decided to focus on hybrid variants of the Golf, Polo and Passat. This decision was made not by chance – the manufacturer does not want to take away customers from the new ID series. Despite all this, Jürgen Stackmann noted that the company will have time to introduce the ninth generation Golf before many markets ban ICE cars. Along with it, the manufacturer intends to show the new ID.3 model.

Volkswagen ID.3 Volkswagen ID.3

At the same time, Stackmann said that not all markets will be able to abandon cars with internal combustion engines in the near future. This means that the history of the three famous Volkswagen models may be continued.

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