Volkswagen to Buy Its Own Cars

This scheme was invented to avoid fines for insufficient reduction of harmful emissions.

Europe requires automakers to constantly reduce the level of harmful emissions. Only sold cars are considered not produced. To comply with strict regulations, Volkswagen will sell its electric vehicles to its own car-sharing company.

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Harmful emissions standards are constantly being tightened up. If last year the permissible figure was 130 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, then this year no more than 95 grams are allowed. Each extra gram of emissions will cost automakers €95.

Although Volkswagen retained its status as the world's most mass-market manufacturer in 2019, the German company has prepared a strategy for action in case the brand's electric vehicles and hybrids sell worse than expected. Last year, Volkswagen launched its branded short-term car rental WeShare in Germany, and the automaker recently signed an agreement with its own subsidiary to supply EVs.

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WeShare is currently operating only in Berlin, you can rent one of 1,500 electric hatchbacks e-Golf and compact electric cars e-up!, but the service is promised to be expanded to other European cities this year.

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