What the New Low-Cost Honda Looks Like

The new Honda model is not an SUV a sedan, or even an electric vehicle.

The low-cost hatchback segment is where the Japanese company is aiming at.

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Japanese definitely know a lot about small cars. Their famous invention — the K-car segment — remains one of the most popular in Japan. But what happens if you combine Japanese philosophy with the European school of compact car manufacturing? Honda seems to have the answer.

The Honda City, a new low-cost sedan based on the Jazz, is turned into a compact hatchback. This is evidenced by recent patent images. They show a stylish car in a five-door body.

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To compete with European B-segment models like the Ford Fiesta and VW Polo, the Japanese company has the same Honda Jazz. However, the new City enters a slightly different segment. It will compete with the low-cost Renault Sandero, also known as the Dacia Sandero in Western Europe.

The front end of the new Honda City instantly demonstrates its belonging to the Japanese brand and somewhat resembles the larger Honda Civic and even the Accord. The rear end is designed in an unusual for the company style, thought it has turned out to be seamless and thoughtful.

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The new model will likely get a powertrain from the Honda City Sedan. In this case, the hatchback will receive a 1-liter 122-hp turbo engine (173 Nm) and a CVT. The new vehicle will be fully declassified in a few months.

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