What to Do in Quarantine: Fun Offer from Audi and Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz and Audi offers fans two sets of coloring pages.

Many countries around the world have been quarantined due to the pandemic. Definitely, many perceived the introduction of such harsh measures with a certain aggression because the lack of work cannot but be perceived painfully. However, do not be upset. We need to start looking for positive moments in the current situation.

What to Do in Quarantine: Fun Offer from Audi and Mercedes photo 2

Quarantine is a great reason to do something that you simply did not have time to do before. For example, get in shape, take an interesting seminar (of course, online) or personal growth courses, learn how to make desserts or cook tender meat, read an interesting book or practice drawing. In fact, there are a lot of options, you should just let go of the negative and start using your time to good advantage.

Audi and Mercedes-Benz did not stay on the sidelines in the current situation and offered a kind of occupation for those who are in quarantine. They prepared collections of coloring pages. For example, Audi’s Color Your Passion contains 13 different colorings of the Horch 830 and Audi R8. You can color them in a graphic editor or print them. Look here.

Mercedes-Benz went a little further and released as many as 34 coloring pages of various car models, including the Mercedes-AMG GT, 190 SL and Vision AVTR concept. The collection can be downloaded on the company's website.

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