What will be the new Tesla Model S

The popular Tesla Model S electric car has been around for 8 years. The American company does not pamper us with innovations too often, although during this time Elon Musk managed to show several models.

We are talking about the spectacular roomy Tesla Model X crossover and compact Model Y, the relatively affordable Model 3 and the incredible Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup. In addition, the public is discussing the new Tesla Roadster and Semi truck. But, as ABOUTCARS found out, the Tesla Model S of the second generation is not yet visible on the horizon.

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As you know, the company now has enough work. High-profile promises impose certain obligations, and first of all, already announced and shown models must be sent to production. At best, this process could drag on for the next five years.

However, CarScoops decided imagine what the 2023 Tesla Model S electric car might look like. At the same time, experts note that the car that made the company truly famous may not receive a successor. But if you discard these thoughts, the electric car of the second generation will look as follows.

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The car is unmistakably recognized as a Tesla model, but is made with a more refined design than any other model of the company. The front end is inspired by Tesla Roadster 2.0, which has already been introduced to the public.

It is easy to see that the overall styling of the depicted car differs from the original Model S. The abundance of sharp lines can be associated with the recent Tesla Cybertrak pickup. Although the presented truck, of course, looks much more radical.

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One of the most anticipated modifications that the next generation model can get is the version with three electric motors. In this case, acceleration to 100 km / h may be below 2 s! A power reserve of 800 or even 1,000 km will also not be superfluous and will only strengthen the brand's position.

Of course, a car for 100 thousand dollars will need a better and premium interior with expensive decoration materials and a nice design. So, Ilon Mask has something to work on.

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