What to Happen to Passenger Car Caught Between Two Trucks During Accident

The collision speed was only 43 km/h.

Logistics company Dekra has conducted a series of crash tests and has published a video that simulated an accident at a traffic light.

In the first video, you can compare the braking of two trucks, one of which was released in 1997 and the other — in 2017. The both trucks carry 38.5 tons of cargo and are equipped with the same tires. The test is carried out at a speed of 80 km/h. The braking distance of the new car is 41 m, while the older one stops after 57 m.

Another experiment demonstrates the consequences of an accident in which a truck and a car are stationary, as if they are stopped at a traffic light, and another truck drives into them from behind. The speed at the time of the collision is only 43 km/h, but the consequences for the car caught between the “hammer” and “anvil" are disastrous.

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