Another Rival of Tesla Comes From China

China-based SAIC will produce electric vehicles under the new sub-brand ‘R’. The first step in this direction will be the R-Aura Concept.

SAIC has presented new images of the concept, which allows studying the novelty in more detail.

Another Rival of Tesla Comes From China photo 2

According to the management of the Chinese company, EVs of various types will be created under the sub-brand ‘R’ in the next few years.

Externally, the R-Aura Concept looks quite nice. The sedan has a streamlined silhouette designed to reduce air resistance. The front end of the car features LED headlights located on three levels.

In addition to the running lights and headlights, a luminous LED strip was installed in the center. The company’s logo in the form of the letter ‘R’ and the name ‘R-Aura Concept’ in the front spoiler are also highlighted. In addition, LED lighting was installed even in light-alloy wheels.

R-Aura Concept R-Aura Concept

An electronic unit with lighting and a camera for recognizing the driver's face is located on the side surface in the area of the B-pillar.

The rear end of the car is decorated with a thin LED strip separated by the logo, as well as with LED elements embedded in the rear bumper. The R-Aura Concept has also received solar panels on the roof.

Inside, there is a fully digital dashboard with touch screens, as well as a multimedia system that supports 5G.

The R-Aura Concept will be officially unveiled on May 10.

Another Rival of Tesla Comes From China photo 3

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