Cadillac Has Changed Its Mind About Showing Its New Lyriq SUV

Last week, Cadillac announced plans to introduce the new Lyriq SUV on April 2.

However, the already famous CONVID-19 managed to make a mess here. The company's management decided to cancel the presentation due to the fear to infect guests. According to The Verge, GM Director of Communications Michael Albano sent an email saying,

Our top priority is the safety of guests and media employees, so the event was canceled. The company is currently evaluating future plans and will soon report further details.

he added.

Cadillac Has Changed Its Mind About Showing Its New Lyriq SUV photo 2

Cadillac did not share a lot of information much about the new Lyriq SUV, but revealed the concept last week. As previously reported, it is 85% the same as the production car. It is said to have 23-inch wheels, a four-seat interior, and a 34-inch display. The SUV will feature the company's third-generation EV platform, which is flexible enough to form the base for everything from SUVs to trucks. The Lyriq will also use Altium batteries, which will be offered with a capacity from 50 kWh to 200 kWh. There is no information about how large a battery capacity of the new EV will be, but GM has previously stated that its batteries can provide a drive range of 640 km or more.

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