Karma Shows an L4 Electric Van

Despite the pandemic, Karma Automotive has introduced its new car built on the Karma E-Flex platform. The new model represents an all-electric van with Level 4 autonomy.

The new Karma L4 E-Flex Van is the second of five possible applications of the E-Flex platform. The first was the EREV E-Flex platform used in the Karma Revero GT. The other three, according to preliminary information, will be implemented in a driverless vehicle, a supercar and, possibly, in a passenger car.

Karma Shows an L4 Electric Van photo 2

Karma Automotive has not yet revealed either a drive range or powertrain of the new L4 E-Flex Van — these parameters will depend on the specific configuration. The main feature is the SAE Level 4, which was worked on in partnership with WeRide, using the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus platform.

Karma Shows an L4 Electric Van photo 3

The new L4 E-Flex Van is equipped with the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus computer technology, which conducts an unprecedented number of operations — 320 trillion per second. It is based on two NVIDIA Xavier processors and two Tensor Core GPUs. This high-performance AI computer simultaneously uses multiple neural networks for safe, highly automated, and fully autonomous driving.

WeRide’s software allows getting 360-degree FOV and executing precise commands in real time using multiple sensors, including LiDARs, radars, cameras, GNSS and INS.

Karma Shows an L4 Electric Van photo 4
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