Opel to Start Accepting Orders for the Vivaro-e

Adam Opel AG has shown a new electric vehicle, the Vivaro-e, sales of which will start this fall.

Today, leading manufacturers are actively converting light commercial vehicles to electric traction. The most recent example is the new Vivaro–e from Adam Opel AG. Externally, the car is almost identical to its counterpart with an internal combustion engine, except for the hatch on the front left side, under which the battery charging connector is hidden.

Opel to Start Accepting Orders for the Vivaro-e photo 2

The Opel Vivaro-e is equipped with a 100 kW electric motor that powers batteries with two capacity options to choose from – 50 or 75 kW. In the first case, the drive range reaches 200 km, in the second – 300 km. if connected to a 100-kW station, It takes only 30 and 45 minutes to recharge the batteries to 80%.

The Vivaro-e will surprise with its load capacity of1200 kg plus 1000 kg on the trailer. Not bad for an electric car. Official dealers will start accepting orders for the car in the summer. The first buyers of an eco-friendly Opel van will not receive their car until the fall of 2020. In the beginning, the cars will only be available in the cargo van variant, and later there will also be minibuses.

It should be noted that there is a serious competition among electric vans of this class brewing in the European market. Now, the Mercedes-Benz eVito is already in Europe. In 2021, the electric Volkswagen Transporter end eco-friendly Renault Trafic should arrive in time.

Opel to Start Accepting Orders for the Vivaro-e photo 3

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