Owners of Electric Peugeots and Citroens Sleep Soundly

Buyers of plug-in cars from PSA will no longer need to think about installing a charging station at home. The company will take care of this.

When purchasing an electric car or plug-in hybrid, drivers begin to think about installing a charger at home. As you know, this device costs quite a lot of money. Thus, each owner of an electric car begins to torment himself with doubts and daily miscalculations of the profitability and feasibility of such investment. Besides, the market has not yet determined a clear leader in the production of chargers for electric vehicles, and the range of devices tends to infinity, what is also quite misleading for an owner of a “green” car.

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Customer care is what a brand can do to win the trust of its customers forever. Apparently, this is the policy of the PSA Group. Most recently, the company said that they intended to fully accompany a customer after purchasing an electric car. How will this manifest itself, you may ask? The manufacturer wants to determine the most suitable manufacturer of charging stations in every corner of Europe, which will not only install the device in a convenient place for a customer, but also calculate the profitability of such purchase. So, a happy owner of a plug-in Peugeot, Citroen, Opel or DS can only contact the right company, which has been determined for him by the manufacturer, whose opinion can definitely be trusted.

The PSA Group will recommend charging partners in every European country who will take care of installing both home chargers and charging stations for companies.

Ensuring smooth travel for all our B2B and B2C customers interested in electric vehicles or hybrids is a key priority for Groupe PSA. Through this partnership, our customers will have access to a dedicated service to purchase and install their own charging stations, as well as to meet administrative formalities and subsidy requirements.

said Alexandre Guignard, SVP, Business Unit Low Emission Vehicles, Groupe PSA. To implement this program, the conglomerate intends to cooperate with such manufacturers ща charging devices as:

  • EVBox
  • Delta Electronics
  • Enel X
  • Pod Point
  • Juice Technology

To date, PSA has issued a list of 10 companies for 10 European countries:

  • Germany: inno2grid
  • Austria: Alpiq
  • Belgium and Luxembourg: ZEBorne
  • Spain: ETRA SPAIN
  • Portugal: EYSSA-TESIS, an ETRA group company
  • France: ZEBorne
  • Italy: ENEL X
  • The Netherlands: ENGIE
  • Poland: Elocity
  • The United Kingdom: Pod POINT

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