A Secret Rolls-Royce Is Revealed Online

New Rolls-Royce models appear very rarely.

This photo shows one of these cars, but we do not know anything about it.

A Secret Rolls-Royce Is Revealed Online photo 2

The mysterious car in the photo is an unnamed Rolls-Royce model that has never been shown in public. Even despite the impersonal grayness of the technical images, the car looks luxurious.

According to Carakoom, the renderings of the new Rolls-Royce were submitted to the patent offices of Brazil in the spring of 2020 and to the patent offices of Germany – even earlier – in the fall of 2019. It is even surprising that we have only found out about it now. On the other hand, this clearly demonstrates the huge amount of work involved in preparing new models. And, as a rule, all this remains “behind the scenes”.

A Secret Rolls-Royce Is Revealed Online photo 3

In any case, it is time to share our thoughts, because the manufacturer itself, of course, keeps silence. First, it all looks like a new generation of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, which is still not upgraded. It is worth noting that the Phantom, a luxury limousine of the eighth generation, appeared in 2017.

But when you look at it in profile, you can notice that a wheelbase of the car is too short for an ultimatum luxury coupe with a full four-seat interior. The more compact (everything is relative in the line-up of the British brand) Rolls-Royce Wraith is not yet outdated enough to get a successor. Perhaps, we are looking at a special car created on its basis in a single copy.

A Secret Rolls-Royce Is Revealed Online photo 4

It is even likely that the car has already been delivered to a customer who paid several million dollars for an individual order. In any case, we can note the characteristic design of the fake radiator grille, narrow horizontal headlights and round lamps under them.

A Secret Rolls-Royce Is Revealed Online photo 5

However, an elegant roof with “airy” C-pillars and a wood-trimmed trunk lid are the most attractive and unusual elements. Well, we have the patent images. Now, we would like to see them in color. Rolls-Royce?..

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