Chery’s Cheapest SUV Is Completely Declassified

China-based Chery has officially introduced the restyled 2021 Tiggo 3x Plus.

The SUV, which «opens» the line-up, has been produced in China since 2016. It is better known as the Chery Tiggo 3x there. Not so long ago, spy photos of the new vehicle appeared on the web, and now the manufacturer has announced the beginning of production. This is the first major upgrade for the car, which it had to wait much longer than other representatives of the model range. For example, the Tiggo 5x/Tiggo 4 has already undergone two upgrades.

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Chery positions the restyled Tiggo 3x Plus as a completely new model. Presumably, the manufacturer implies the second generation of the SUV. Based on the fact that the prefix ‘Plus’ is added to the name, the new car will be sold along with its predecessor but positioned higher in China.

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According to live photos published by Autohome, the new Chery Tiggo is designed in the same style as the older SUVs. It has got an enlarged radiator grille with a shiny pattern, two-tier headlights and new bumpers. Its taillights remain the same, but a connecting strip is now made of black plastic in comparison with the chrome-plated one installed on its predecessor.

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The changes in the interior are no less extensive. The new Chery Tiggo 3x Plus has received a steering wheel with a truncated rim, a different fascia and dashboard, a new climate control unit and a start button. The previous 8-inch infotainment system is replaced with a 9-inch one. The standard equipment of the SUV includes an ESP by Bosch, an electric parking brake and a parking assist.

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In China, the SUV is available with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated V4 (116 hp). The engine is paired with a CVT. The new vehicle will be released in the domestic market in the fall of this year. According to local media, the manufacturer will keep the basic cost of the SUV. It is about $7,195.

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