Delage Has Surprised with a 1230–hp Hybrid

Delage, which ceased to exist almost 70 years ago, has revived the 1230-hp D12.

Businessman Laurent Tapie, who owns Delage, and Les Amis de Delage have presented the brand's first model in 67 years. The new car announced in 2019 is a 1230-hp D12 hybrid. The long-awaited vehicle clearly demonstrates how much the automotive industry has changed over the years.

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The ‘D12’ index in the name is a reference to the features of Delage’s road nomenclature. Each of the brand's cars had a D in the name and a number indicating the number of cylinders. In this case, it is a V12 engine. The 7.6-liter engine develops 900 hp or 990 hp depending on the version. At the same time, the first one is installed in the more comfortable D12 GT. The unit comes with a 330-hp electric motor (a total output is 1230 hp). The 990-hp engine is installed in the racing D12 Club, that has a combined output of more than 1000 hp. It is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

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At first glance, the car seems to be a single-seater, but it is not. Two seats are installed one behind the other. The powerful hybrid will be able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. A price tag starts from €2 million. In total, the company plans to release 30 such super hybrids. In addition, the first customer’s car is promised to be built within a year. This is not the end of the plans for the revived brand. The company is serious and intents to set a new road car record at the Nurburgring.

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It is worth noting that Delage was founded in 1905. The company specialized in racing and luxury cars. It also successfully performed at all sorts of Grand Prix. In 1935, the manufacturer bought Delahaye, and 18 years later, the brand ceased to exist due to the difficult economic situation in post-war France.

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